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Why I love Expert Panels and my 2019 Forbes Round-up

In 2019 I had the opportunity to contribute to several Forbes Human Resources Council expert panels alongside industry leaders with deep expertise in talent and human capital management. I am not the greatest writer, and in full transparency, I find this strange since I was *almost* a double major in Sociology (nailed it!) and English ( 3 credits short of a double major in English). In the corporate world, writing consists of bullet points, PowerPoint decks, and emails. With all this it comes as no surprise that the art of writing can quickly slip away. That’s why I appreciate having a short and impactful way to contribute my point of view through the HR expert panels.

High-quality expert panels should offer true insight, engage real experts and steer clear of overlapping answers. The Forbes HR Council team does a great job rounding up the right mix of responses. I always learn a new way to approach a common issue when I read through the answers from my peers. There are so many ways to think through problems and it inspires me to be part of a cohort that can bring 12 different solutions to tackle the same problem.

Here’s my Forbes HR Expert Panel round up for 2019:

I look forward to another year of learning, sharing, and hopefully if I practice enough I can even improve my writing.

Be your best,

Bianca E. McCann, MHRIR

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