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Launching a Podcast

At some point, you may realize you are a better orator than a writer. I am leaning into that this year and launching a podcast with my buddy Brett Addis. This HR Life Podcast, presented by B&B Express is a pet project that we are kicking off, truthfully we don't know if we will be any good at podcasting but we know we have a blast talking with the HR Community so here we go! Follow our page on LinkedIn - we will be publishing our first episode in February and you will be able to find it on LinkedIn as well as Spotify and some other channels too, we are building as we fly. We have a great line up of guests, and we are always looking for more, give us a shout if you have a passionate HR topic of interest and a unique point of view that you want to share. We are here for it!


Bianca E. McCann, MHRIR

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